Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ok so I am feeling like I have totally been neglecting my poor blog =( my bad lol but I guess the main thing is that I am back......

So I suppose I should say that the reason why I haven't been writing lately is because I have started a Youtube channel...... So I really need to find that balance between everything blog, youtube, being a mummy and wife and a student lol I know I should probably take something off my plate so that I can do all the others properly although I feel as if my blog and youtube is all about ME!! haha because it means that I can do whatever and write about whatever I want...... Not that I cant do that normally anyways but at least its about makeup n beauty and just stuff in general that interests me I guess.

So to now catch up on everything lol so here goes:

School - So since I don't want to fall behind at all I have decided to take on a full block of school, which means that because I am usually a correspondence student, I get to go onto school grounds and do practicals and meet the lecturers and basically take exams and stuff onsite.

Youtube - I have only just started this new little venture and am basically really nervous, happy at the same time about it lol happy because I finally got the confidence to get in front of a camera and nervous because I don't want to give anyone the wrong tip or advice, but I guess thats all in the process of learning?

Family life - Everything is awesome!! Just finished up easter holidays and mum has just left to go back interstate where she lives, babygirl had an awesome time with her nanny =)

So now that I have caught up on 90% of the information lol I promise to post more often hehe well as often as I can anyways!! I will be buying my tickets for IMATS (International Makeup Artists Tradeshow) in a couple of weeks and I totally cant wait i am so excited!

So until next time I will see and write to u guys later.

Nesiangurrl xo

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