Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hey there everyone went to the city today and picked up a few items ;-) lol by a few I mean I went and restocked on some Mint Julips lip scrub from lush and bought some of the new Latte lip tint. Then walked my way over to Priceline and found some of the Revlon Lip Butters omg I was so excited that they were finally in Australia...... Then I saw the price tag????? OMG nearly died on the spot lol $21.95 per lip butter???? Really Revlon??? Couldnt hike the price u any further for us Aussies lol.... But then me being me and the ever so nice Priceline lady telling me that all Revlon nail and lip products were 2 for 1 at the moment i grabbed a couple lol i mean why not right? Why pay for 2 of them when you could get them both for the price of 1??? Lol well that was my logic in it anyway lol. Then when I get home I see a video from MissTango2 on youtube that priceline has also brought their beautybag back OMG this is going to be a bad week for my budget lol so I swatched the 2 lip butters that I got and I will try them out tomorrow and get back to you on a verdict on them to see if they are actually worth the price tag that they have!!

Thanks Nesiangurrl xoxo


  1. I just got the Mint Julips lip scrub for the first time and I love it already! I wish my local Priceline was still open, I would have gone crazy with their sales :D

  2. Oh no what happened to your Priceline? Omg I absolutely love the mint Julips lip scrub not a fan of all the other ones bleh lol

  3. The shopping centre is doing this huge refurb and Priceline was one of the places that had to go- my closest is now, I suppose the 3 in Bris City?
    I think I ate more of my lip scrub than what is was actually for to begin with, hehe!