Thursday, 12 April 2012

So as promised yesterday I went shopping today lol........ at priceline of course because I missed out on the beauty bag last time I wanted to make sure I got myself one this time. Needless to say hubby wasnt very happy about it at all lol. Although picked up some great stuff for my makeup kit though.......actually now that I think about it just about everything that I got was for my kit :-(........ O well at least I know that I will be using it for something aye hehe. So I ended up purchasing a few things but I will put up some photos of everything that I got as well as I ended up picking up 4 more of the lip butters :-O pricey lil things they are. But I tried my Raspberry Pie lip butter today and really loved the texture and colour pigmentation on it..... love love loved it!!! Also because I spent over $60 at priceline I got my beauty bag hehe I was sooo khappy when I got it although the look on hubbys face lol he wasn't nearly as impressed as I was lol. O well until next time ladies TTFN.


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