Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ok so I am feeling like I have totally been neglecting my poor blog =( my bad lol but I guess the main thing is that I am back......

So I suppose I should say that the reason why I haven't been writing lately is because I have started a Youtube channel...... So I really need to find that balance between everything blog, youtube, being a mummy and wife and a student lol I know I should probably take something off my plate so that I can do all the others properly although I feel as if my blog and youtube is all about ME!! haha because it means that I can do whatever and write about whatever I want...... Not that I cant do that normally anyways but at least its about makeup n beauty and just stuff in general that interests me I guess.

So to now catch up on everything lol so here goes:

School - So since I don't want to fall behind at all I have decided to take on a full block of school, which means that because I am usually a correspondence student, I get to go onto school grounds and do practicals and meet the lecturers and basically take exams and stuff onsite.

Youtube - I have only just started this new little venture and am basically really nervous, happy at the same time about it lol happy because I finally got the confidence to get in front of a camera and nervous because I don't want to give anyone the wrong tip or advice, but I guess thats all in the process of learning?

Family life - Everything is awesome!! Just finished up easter holidays and mum has just left to go back interstate where she lives, babygirl had an awesome time with her nanny =)

So now that I have caught up on 90% of the information lol I promise to post more often hehe well as often as I can anyways!! I will be buying my tickets for IMATS (International Makeup Artists Tradeshow) in a couple of weeks and I totally cant wait i am so excited!

So until next time I will see and write to u guys later.

Nesiangurrl xo

Thursday, 12 April 2012

So as promised yesterday I went shopping today lol........ at priceline of course because I missed out on the beauty bag last time I wanted to make sure I got myself one this time. Needless to say hubby wasnt very happy about it at all lol. Although picked up some great stuff for my makeup kit though.......actually now that I think about it just about everything that I got was for my kit :-(........ O well at least I know that I will be using it for something aye hehe. So I ended up purchasing a few things but I will put up some photos of everything that I got as well as I ended up picking up 4 more of the lip butters :-O pricey lil things they are. But I tried my Raspberry Pie lip butter today and really loved the texture and colour pigmentation on it..... love love loved it!!! Also because I spent over $60 at priceline I got my beauty bag hehe I was sooo khappy when I got it although the look on hubbys face lol he wasn't nearly as impressed as I was lol. O well until next time ladies TTFN.

Hey there everyone went to the city today and picked up a few items ;-) lol by a few I mean I went and restocked on some Mint Julips lip scrub from lush and bought some of the new Latte lip tint. Then walked my way over to Priceline and found some of the Revlon Lip Butters omg I was so excited that they were finally in Australia...... Then I saw the price tag????? OMG nearly died on the spot lol $21.95 per lip butter???? Really Revlon??? Couldnt hike the price u any further for us Aussies lol.... But then me being me and the ever so nice Priceline lady telling me that all Revlon nail and lip products were 2 for 1 at the moment i grabbed a couple lol i mean why not right? Why pay for 2 of them when you could get them both for the price of 1??? Lol well that was my logic in it anyway lol. Then when I get home I see a video from MissTango2 on youtube that priceline has also brought their beautybag back OMG this is going to be a bad week for my budget lol so I swatched the 2 lip butters that I got and I will try them out tomorrow and get back to you on a verdict on them to see if they are actually worth the price tag that they have!!

Thanks Nesiangurrl xoxo

Monday, 2 April 2012

Heya everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while have been extra busy and have a few things in the works. So I have been chatting to a old friend from school and we have decided to do a collaboration on makeup classes just to teach basic skills on applying and achieving certain looks. And along with that I am trying to get together some products just so that I can also sell the products along with our makeup workshops, so fingers crossed that I can get all these products in.

Along with everything else I am also looking at trying to go back to my old job lol I would be so happy to go back there but I will wait and see what happens there lol.

Have also signed up to Avon lol I swore that I never would though lol but they are actually coming out with some great products.

Then more on the personal side of things we are getting 2 gorgeous puppies hehe they aren't old enough to leave their mumma yet but I will definately post some pics when we get them. :-) But until next time if you would like to know anything just leave me a comment and I will be sure to answer as soon as I can :-)

Thanks for reading
Nesaingurrl xoxo