Monday, 2 April 2012

Heya everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while have been extra busy and have a few things in the works. So I have been chatting to a old friend from school and we have decided to do a collaboration on makeup classes just to teach basic skills on applying and achieving certain looks. And along with that I am trying to get together some products just so that I can also sell the products along with our makeup workshops, so fingers crossed that I can get all these products in.

Along with everything else I am also looking at trying to go back to my old job lol I would be so happy to go back there but I will wait and see what happens there lol.

Have also signed up to Avon lol I swore that I never would though lol but they are actually coming out with some great products.

Then more on the personal side of things we are getting 2 gorgeous puppies hehe they aren't old enough to leave their mumma yet but I will definately post some pics when we get them. :-) But until next time if you would like to know anything just leave me a comment and I will be sure to answer as soon as I can :-)

Thanks for reading
Nesaingurrl xoxo

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