Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello there,

So here I am again, I think its going to be an early night tonight although mind you my version of an early night is  most peoples late night lol. Only because hubby is starting his new job tomorrow and needs to get up early, and I would like to get up with him as well. So the thing is yesterday was St Pattys day lol and I did say to myself that I was going to do my makeup and nails and take some photos and post them but when it came down to it I really couldnt be bothered haha I was too busy being relaxed and spending quality time with our lil girl.

So we have been on this health kick for about 2 months now and it hasnt been too bad although in the last 2 weeks we have kind of lost our way. I think its purely out of laziness although we havent had a PT session in 2wks either....... due to our PT having a death in his family quiet sad really because they are such nice people...... so my starting weight in this whole thing was 116kg and as it stands today I am currently at 107.7kgs...... I mean i'm a tall girl dont get me wrong but I would to get myself down to a toned and lean 80kgs so I guess whilst hubby is at work and lil girl is in school its going to be running with our dog to reach my goal as well as look for some part time work.

So I am going to start doing some makeup looks and taking some photos and then I will post them up for whomever wants to look and read I guess........

Until next time xoxo


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