Monday, 7 May 2012

Target Revlon Lip Butter haul

Hi my loves,

So mum and I went to get some 'coffee' the yesterday as we had run out, but before we walked into the grocery store we decided to go into Target........ not the wisest of  choices but hey what can you do? Lol

So as I was walking around aimlessly staring at all the little nic nacs they had for sale for mothers day, it happened dun dun dunnnnnn (queue dramatic music) I spotted the Revlon Lip Butter stand (hehe) and to my surprise it was fairly new because hardly any of the actual testers had even been used some of the hadn't been used at all...... So even though they do have a hefty little price tag on them especially in Australia oh well I have definitely let it be known that I didnt like it although that still deter me from purchasing multiple colours...... dang it I just wish I wasnt such a sucker for these then I would not have bought so many obviously o well I shall now shut up and get on with it shall I.

My first item that I purchased was an Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set, and it was a total bargin. I found it in the bargin bin because the actual brow brush was missing so instead of it being $4.95 it came down to $0.50 woohoo for me!

Next item in my little shopping basket was my Maybelline 24hr Concealer, I am currently on a little bit of a hunt for a good concealer because I have noticed that despite my best efforts to cover my dark circles with correctors under my concealer they always seem to peek through so I guess that I am just trying all of the drugstore concealers before I have to go looking for high end concealers :/ I got mine in the colour Deep Beige.

Next up on the list I have my newest nail polish to add to my collection which is the Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Bling-Tastic, I loved this colour and figured that I could use this colour as my nail accent colour and our little girl cause have glittery nails :). 

And now for my biggest haul of the whole shopping basket was 8 lip butters lol I definitely didnt mean to get so many and wouldnt normally spend this much in 1 go although I did have a couple of gift cards so I just thought why not? So I got the following colours:

So all in all I think that I have just about all the available colours lol but I think out of all the colours that I have I still do like my Berry Smoothie the best out of all them.

Well if you would like me to review any of the products then just let me know and dont forget to follow my blogs as I will be announcing giveaways via my blog and facebook =)

Love n Peace
Nesiangurrl x

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